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I (Willians) was born in Maracay, Venezuela and was saved by the grace of the God when I was eight years old. I was baptized and received into assembly fellowship in the Barrio Coromoto assembly in Maracay, in 1988. My wife (Kylie) was born in Gympie, Australia, and she was saved at five. Her parents moved with the family to Colombia in 1984 to serve the Lord, so Kylie and her siblings learnt to speak Spanish fluently. She was baptized and received into assembly fellowship in Sincelejo, Colombia, when she was 13. We met in Colombia in 2000 and the next year we got married in Venezuela. In 2002 we moved to Naguanagua due to my employment as a lecturer at the university there, and we enjoyed the fellowship of the believers in that assembly. However, in 2004 we came to Australia with our baby boy, and we believed that the Lord brought us here with a purpose. We joined the assembly in Conference Hall in Brisbane, and in 2013 I resigned to my position as an English Language Instructor in a Government Institution as we were commended to serve the Lord. We have been involved in different activities, especially with the Spanish speaking population in Brisbane, ESL classes and visits to Papua New Guinea, but it has been also a joy to work together with our brethren in Australia.  The Lord has blessed us with four children: Williams Edward (born in 2004), Michael (2006), Timothy (2008) and Eunice Michelle (2014).

Overseas trip

Posted on March 6, 2019

Dear brethren and sisters, In the will of the Lord, we all as a family are going overseas for three months at the end of March. Our exercise is to help with gospel and ministry meetings among several assemblies in Colombia, and we also expect to visit a couple of assemblies in the USA on the way to South America. We would appreciate your prayers not only for the activities related to the work of the Lord, but also for our children. Especially we ask for your prayers for the work among the Spanish contacts in Brisbane while we are away. Most of the Spanish believers in the assembly are very new to assembly life, and they will have to step up and help with some of the activities while we are away. There is a Venezuelan brother who has more experience but he also needs our prayers. Due to this trip, I will also miss the next visit to Papua New Guinea, so we will appreciate your prayers for the other brethren who will be going to that country. Yours in Him, Willians and Kylie

Spanish contacts

Posted on February 5, 2019

We would appreciate your prayers for several Spanish speaking-friends who have been coming to the gospel meetings for several years, but they are not saved yet. We specially think on two Colombian couples who have been coming for almost four years. One of those couples had not been to the meetings for a while but they came to the first meeting we have had this year. We are also glad for new contacts coming to the meetings, and trust that they will continue coming and that they will come to know the Lord as their saviour.

The Work of the Lord under COVID-19 restrictions

Posted on April 29, 2020

Since all our public meetings were cancelled (including the ESL lessons and the Spanish meetings) we were looking for new alternatives to keep busy in His service. Although we are earnestly praying for the end of this crisis, we know that the Word of the Lord has to keep going on unto saints and sinners, and consequently I have had to learn to use new technologies to communicate the Gospel and encourage God's people. The digital platform "Zoom" has been particularly useful, for ministry and gospel meetings in Australia and even in several South American countries, but we also keep using social media to post videos, written articles, etc. We trust that soon we will be able to go again to our normal activities, but in the meantime we are grateful for the tools available to us and we want to use them for His glory.