Gospel Trust Canada forwards funds to commended workers, widows of commended workers, assemblies, homes for the aged, and for disaster relief

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief is forwarded to commended workers located in the affected area for distribution.

Foreign Currency

All donations should be sent to Gospel Trust Canada in Canadian dollars. Gospel Trust Canada will arrange for Western Union to convert missionaries funds to the currency of their choice at a preferred exchange rate.

Disbursement of Funds

Funds received are forwarded twice monthly (mid-month and end of month). Only a minimal balance is kept in the account for emergency expenses.

Administrative Expenses

Expenses such as computers, printers, PayPal and bank charges, postage, stationery, and a part time administrative salary are met by the liberality of the Lord’s people when they earmark a portion of their donation for that purpose. Historically, these expenses have been less than 4% of the total receipts. Gifts for expenses are included in the total amount shown on the income tax receipt.

Allocation of Donations

Funds received by Gospel Trust Canada which cannot be used for the particular purpose the donor has suggested will be used at Gospel Trust Canada’s discretion.

Privacy Policy

Gospel Trust Canada respects the privacy of our donors. We do not rent, sell or trade donor information. The information provided is used to provide tax receipts or to make contact regarding clarification of a donation.

Donor information is provided to the commended worker(s) to whom the gift has been forwarded and to Canada Revenue Agency or any other legitimate organization as required by law.