Credit Card or PayPal Payment

Online donations are accepted through your Credit Card or PayPal account (if you have one or want to set one up).  The maximum amount allowed for a single transaction is $10,000 by a PayPal member.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can send a maximum of $4,000 for a one-time, single transaction.   You will receive a receipt for your donation and any donation for Gospel Trust Canada administration.  Click on the PayPal graphic to the right of the page to securely make your donation.

Mail-in Donations

Complete the necessary information on the downloadable donor form. Mail the form to the address in the Contact Us section along with a cheque made payable to “Gospel Trust Canada”.  If you are sending to more than one commended worker, one cheque for the total amount is all that is necessary.

A receipt, which is valid for income tax purposes, will be sent to you. Fellowship will be forwarded to the commended workers and these workers will send an acknowledgment directly to you.

If it is more convenient, you can send a series of post-dated cheques for up to one year in advance.

Pre-Authorized Payments

Pre-authorized payments are a convenient way of having the same amount automatically withdrawn monthly from your Canadian bank account. The debit to your account would be on the 25th day of each month. If you would like this setup please complete the pre-authorized payment form and return it (by email or mail) with a void cheque.

Please specify on the Pre-Authorized Payment Request Form how you suggest the donation to be used. If your gift is being sent to different commended workers each month, please attach a separate sheet listing the name(s) of the workers for each month of the year. You may cancel this authorization at any time by providing written notice to us.

Interac e-Transfers

Interac e-Transfer is a fast and secure way to send funds from one Canadian dollar bank account to another.  If you have online banking at a participating financial institution, you can send up to a maximum donation of $10,000 quickly and easily.  There may be a small fee for sending an Interac e-transfer, so check with your financial institution.

Email carries the notice to Gospel Trust Canada that a transfer has been initiated, while the financial institutions securely transfer the funds using existing payment networks. You can list how you suggest the donation be used in the message section, but you also need to send a separate email to Gospel Trust Canada indicating the answer to the security question.  If you are a new donor or your address has changed since you last used Gospel Trust Canada, please include your complete mailing address on the email so that a receipt can be mailed to you.


Gospel Trust Canada can be named as a beneficiary in your will. The basic principles in the distribution of estate funds are:

  1. The Directors follow the specific instructions in a will.
  2. If there are no specific instructions in a will, the Directors will follow the executor’s instructions.
  3. If there are no instructions, the Directors are guided by the previous usage of the Trust by the person leaving the will.
  4. If there are no instructions or previous usage, the Directors will distribute the fellowship as the Lord may guide.


Gifts of securities are a tax efficient way to make a charitable donation. Gospel Trust Canada can receive your donation of publicly listed securities through Canadian Council of Christian Charities or CanadaHelps.   Please consult a financial advisor for more information.

Please remember that personal letters, by email or mail, sent directly to each worker would be greatly appreciated by them.