In December, 1948, the Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust was formed with the consent of the Canadian Foreign Exchange Board for the export of funds to missionaries abroad. At that time Mr. Gordon Johnston, a former missionary to Venezuela and an Associate Editor of the Truth and Tidings magazine, recognized the need of a Gospel Trust as it was not possible for anyone to send more than $10.00 per month to missionaries without a special permit from the Government. These restrictions were gradually eased and in due time the Foreign Exchange Board was eliminated.

In 1951, the Gospel Trust received assurance from the Department of National Revenue that receipts from the Gospel Trust would be valid for Canadian Income Tax purposes.

Although the Gospel Trust was formed originally to forward funds to missionaries in foreign fields, it was soon forwarding fellowship to the Lord’s servants and their widows in Canada as well.

In the early 1960’s, Mr. Johnston requested Norman Lorimer to assist him, and when Mr. Johnston suffered a stroke, the work was carried on by brother Lorimer. Over the years, others have given a great deal of help, including William Stainton and Theodore McKinley. To see a list of the current directors, please see Administration.

In January, 1967, the Gospel Trust was registered as a Charitable Organization with the Canadian government.

For more than 50 years, all of the work involved with the Gospel Trust was done on a voluntary basis. However, because of ever increasing growth, it became necessary to obtain a part time administrator in 2001.

In January, 2005, our name was shortened from Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust to Gospel Trust Canada.