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Arlington, Washington
United States

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I left my employment at the end of 1998 and was commended to the Lord’s work by the assembly in Marysville, Washington. Our service has been primarily in this State in reaching out to areas where there are no assemblies as well as supporting the Gospel activity of existing assemblies. We do this primarily through tent meetings. Our efforts involve Vacation Bible School in the morning, a teen outreach at supper time, followed by the Gospel meeting in the evening. We involve a team of young adults who take the responsibility with the youth under our guidance. These young believers come from various parts of the US and Canada to devote themselves to the Lord. This helps young believers to exercise their spiritual gifts and promote an appetite for evangelism. We are also able to help other assemblies throughout the United States and Canada with Gospel series, ministry, and conferences when we can get away from the local work.

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Gospel Tent

Posted on January 24, 2019

Our tent, trailer, and all supplies were stolen in July of 2018 from the Gospel Hall parking lot in Marysville. A few side walls, some hymnbooks, Bibles, and some banners were found in a ditch after a few weeks, but no trace of trailer or tent. We have purchased a new trailer and have replaced the tent with one of the same size, 40' X 100'. The insurance company has covered the replacement costs! Praise the Lord!