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Summerside, Prince Edward Island

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Peter and Joy Ramsay live in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada and fellowship with the community of believers who meet at the Pope Road Gospel Hall in Summerside. They were commended to full-time Gospel work in 1999. They have three children: Janna (Evan and Janna Frith, ON), Stephanie (Timothy and Stephanie Cain, NS) and Lucas, ON. In addition to special Gospel efforts, youth commitments and Bible conferences in Canada and USA, Peter maintains three websites/blogs: http://www.heaven4sure.com www.heaven4sure.com http://www.lostsheepfinders.com www.lostsheepfinders.com http://www.lovingchristmore.com www.lovingchristmore.com The Gospel based website (http://www.heaven4sure.com www.heaven4sure.com) has had an online presence since 2001 and consists primarily of stories and applications taken from world events and the lives of well-known people in the news; personal testimonies and material for seekers and those new to Christianity. Also available (free email subscription) to believers from this site are Dr. A. J. Higgins weekly Monday Meditations on the Person of Christ. As well, Christians can subscribe to a weekly BibleBites – written by Peter Ramsay and emailed to subscribers every Wednesday. The lostsheepfinders blog was launched in 2010 to encourage assemblies and individual believers in their Gospel outreach efforts. It hi-lites examples of assembly and personal efforts that fall outside the normal practices of Gospel meetings and Childrens meetings. It was created as a clearinghouse for Gospel outreach ideas to assist others who are trying to think outside the box but inside the Book. LovingChristMore.com is a website to assist Christians (primarily young people) in seeing and appreciating Christ in the Scriptures – from Genesis to Revelation. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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