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Our first PBS student enrolled in July 1999, since then over 13,000 students have enrolled over the past 20 years. We currently have about 2100 students, including some 500 in the USA, who receive free PBS lessons through the mail. We have a number of Hutterite, Mennonite and Amish families doing them, along with many who Homeschool their children. Each month we print in colour, down in our basement, the four grades of BibleTime lessons, NewLife Bible Studies and Gleaners Bible Studies. (These specialized Bible study materials can also be downloaded and used as Sunday School Lessons, Bible Class Worksheets and Home Bible Study Notes.) A faithful team of 260 teachers (who are in assemblies across N. America) mark the lessons, adding comments and encouraging their students. Anyone interested in becoming a PBS teacher can contact us at pbs110@mts.net or call 1-204-239-4326 and we will arrange to send you information for your prayerful consideration. Certificates are awarded to those who complete the full three year course in each grade or who reach 5 or 10 years. Students accumulate marks towards prizes that they can request. These are also sent free of charge and include Bibles, story and reference books, DVD’s, stationery and CD’s. We are a registered charitable organization, with a current board of 6 directors, and therefore are able to issue our own tax receipts for any gifts that we may receive directly for the work of PBS.

We would very much like to see established in Ontario and the USA, two NEW satellite centres, so that in a few years’ time, as we get older, our workload may decrease. The ultimate aim would be that these two satellite centres would eventually become independent, charitable organizations in their own right.

We are currently working on a Spanish translation of the NewLife Bible Studies. This project has been underway for a number of years but thankfully is nearing completion. Just over half the studies need to have the final proof read and then it will be available on our PBS website. These will be ideal for Bible Classes or Home Bible Studies. Once it is finished we hope to begin work on editing a new 8-page BibleTime Level 1 that will replace the existing 4-page format.

Points for Prayer

Posted on March 8, 2019

  • Upgrading & redesigning our PBS website
  • The URGENT NEED for more PBS Teachers to mark BibleTime lessons & NewLife Bible Studies
  • Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Brandon, MB – Gospel Booth – March 25th to 30th D.V. (IBH Texts and children’s tracts [with PBS info overprinted on the them] form part of a ‘goodie bag’ that will be passed out at the fair.)
  • Pete & Elaine joining delegates from over 40 countries at the fourth International PBS Conference being held in N. Ireland. (22nd – 29th April D.V.)
  • Pete returning to St. Lucia & Antigua (for ministry) for three weeks in May, God willing, and hoping to gain entrance & introduce PBS into new schools on BOTH islands.
  • For the completion of the Spanish NewLife translation project

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