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Kabompo, Northwestern Province

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We both experienced the guidance of the Lord to serve Him in Zambia, at the same time but separately. Paul went to visit and help at Loloma in 1973 while still in university, while Eunice was commended to the work of the Lord there in 1974, and worked in the hospital laboratory, as well as teaching Sunday School. During Eunices furlough in 1977, we were married, and returned together to Zambia in 1979, commended by assemblies meeting at gospel halls at Valens, Applewood Hills, and Highbury, London, Ontario. Chapman Valley joined this commendation later. Although we began our service at Loloma in the hospital and outreach work, we now live in a small town called Kabompo and travel from there in gospel outreach in the villages (working along side Zambian believers in this important work), Bible teaching in the many small assemblies in the district, as well as consecutive Bible teaching at conferences and ministry meetings. We are also active in translation, editing, and publishing of gospel literature, including tracts and small booklets. Eunice is active in giving out tracts in the government hospital, teaching literacy, and working with the women and children in the assemblies we visit. Paul also leads a team of Zambian elders and fellow missionaries in the revision and translation of the Luvale Bible, working through the translation verse by verse, coaching them in the use of computers and translation techniques, as well as checking the draft translation for accuracy and consistency as compared to the Greek and Hebrew text. At the revision sessions, Eunice provides support, guiding the women and helping them in meal preparation, as well as coaching the translators in computer skills. From the year 2004 to 2010, we enjoyed five and a half years at Sakeji School, seeking the furtherance of that valuable work. We rejoice that the Lord has sent more labourers for the school there to continue, and we have returned to Kabompo to concentrate on translation, gospel preaching and Bible teaching. Progress is being made in the translation of the Scriptures. The complete revised New Testament has now been published as of January 2019, and we are now translating the Old Testament, as the Lord enables. We value the prayers of the Lords people for the work that we have been called to in Zambia: for guidance, wisdom and strength, day by day. As we look back, we can truly say, God is faithful.

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