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San Felipe

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Commended in 1968 from Togo, Saskatchewan and Portage la Prairie assemblies.

Arrived in Chile in February 1968. Lived in Concepción for almost 3 years and then moved to San Felipe, Chile, which continues to be my lace of residence.

For many years I held Bible classes for children with the faithful help of Evelyn Jones, who is now with the Lord. We went to different housing developments in San Felipe and surrounding towns. David and Evelyn always supported my work and encouraged me.

During my first three years in San Felipe, due to political changes it became difficult to find places to hold the classes and I offered a few hours of voluntary help in local well baby clinics. This provided new contacts and also helped me in use of Spanish.

The work with children and in women’s classes in different areas of the valley eventually absorbed all my time.

In 2010 I married David Jones after Evelyn went home to heaven and my activities changed to supporting his work among assemblies. After he went to be with the Lord, I came back to Chile and found there was still much I could do in counselling and supporting the local assemblies.

Along with others from the assembly we go each week to the central Plaza to offer gospel literature. Each year I distribute many gospel calendars, which are well received.

On our hearts

Posted on March 25, 2019

1) Pray for those who receive the literature and express interest in attending our meetings, but who are fearful of getting involved in a new “religion”.

2) Recently two sisters younger than I wanted to reach out to other areas by way of children’s classes and asked for my help. I had long had a country town on mind where the gospel was not being preached. A visit there was well received by local authorities and the door opened with the offer of a community building for such classes. The president of the community group also asks that something be done for adults. Pray for the Lord to work through us for the salvation of many in this area. Also for wisdom to reach the hearts of children that they may learn to trust and love the Lord Jesus.

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