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David, Chiriquí

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Marcos was saved in 1988 at age 14 in Valencia, Venezuela. Sara, saved when 7 in Falcn, Venezuela. They were commended to the Lords work in 2005 by the Guacara assembly in Venezuela. In 2008 answered a divine call to Panama. Initially they worked in a town near the capital city with Byrne and Lois Foreshew who had located there not long before. Panamas first assembly is located in Valle Hermoso. The Sequeras have three boys. They live in Chiriqui Province, close to the border with Costa Rica. They knew no one on arriving in Dolega, near the city of David, but since 2010 have broken bread with a group of converts. This is new territory for the Gospel.br /

Gospel preaching opportunity:

Posted on March 9, 2019

Abdiel Sanjur died yesterday, he professed to be saved a year ago but the cancer was very advanced. Tuesday 12 March in the city of David will be his funeral. We pray that it will be an opportunity to preach the gospel to family and friends, finding comfort in Christ. Last week we did a distribution of texts of John 3:16 and leaflets in the city of David, accompanied by a group of brothers from the Dolega assembly. A woman who received the material has been calling asking to know more about the gospel. We pray for an open door in this city, please help by praying for these contacts. An indigenous man has requested a visit to go preach to his family in the indigenous Ngöbe Buglé region. We are praying to make this visit and see what the Lord is doing. We ask you to pray for the "El Salto" Bible School in a coffee farm in Boquete. They are mostly indigenous people living there. There is a group of approximately 20 people, including adults and children, to listen to a scripture lesson. But the owner of the farm (who does not live there) was very angry that we visited these people. However, the people who live there have asked us to keep going with the word every Sunday. We are persevering in attending.

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