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Beloved Saints,
Greetings again in the Glorious and Gladsome Name of our blessed Lord and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is my condensed Biography.

All About me
I was born on the East Coast Village of Micoud on the island of St.Lucia. All members of my family were Roman Catholics, except my father, who I knew for most of my early life as a non-conformist, yet one who read the Bible for as long as I knew him. I never attended Secondary School. My early Primary School days were less than spectacular. My latter years however were better than the former and my performance qualified me to teach. I entered the Teaching Profession in 1972 at the age of seventeen and Graduated from St.Lucia Teachers College in 1977.

Cricket was always a passion for me and I played it in my country with some distinction. I represented St.Lucia and the Windward Islands at both junior and senior levels and played against West Indian cricketers such as Joel Garner, Andy Roberts, Irvin and Grayson Shillingford, Norbert Philip, Winston Davis, Mike Findlay and others. In 1980 I was voted St.Lucia’s Cricketer of the Year.

Drama was another passion of mine. I formed the Amateur Arts Theatre in the Village of Micoud and wrote several plays including, Evil Comes Crawling Through, (which was staged at the St.Lucia Arts Festival) What’s Better Than Money, Vive La Revolution and to Each His Own. Also at the Arts Festival, I directed Michael Aubertin’s play “The Invocation.” We also performed it for St.Lucia Television.

The year 1983 was a defining year in my life. It was the year I came to know the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in Grenada. It was the very year of the US invasion of the then Communist island of Grenada. I was there as guest of the Government, for the Anniversary of the Revolution, in the days of Maurice Bishop. Let me state here that I was neither a Communist nor did I have communist intentions. I got to Grenada because of a Raffle which was sponsored by Workers Revolutionary Movement of St.Lucia. This Movement had strong links with the Communist Regime in Grenada. It happened during the days of my spiritual search and I praise the God of Heaven and Earth and Sea, Who displayed his Great Power and Authority and determined, controlled and directed every circumstance in my life, which led to my salvation.

I remember going to my classroom every Sunday to pray; crying to God for direction in my life. I saw emptiness in my own life and longed for something more fulfilling. My world seemed at the time a vast, empty wilderness. Sports and Education and Theatre had diminished greatly in value and I longed for real satisfaction. It was about that time I went to the City of Castries and was approached by a young man who was selling raffle tickets. I reluctantly purchased the ticket and tucked it away somewhere. I had virtually forgotten about the raffle, until one day on my arrival from school, my sister told me that my name was called on Radio indicating that I had won a Raffle. It was for me a major surprise. After confirming with organizers that I did win the Raffle, I suddenly realized that I was in fact heading for Grenada. What was even more interesting about this entire chain of events was that the year before I had written a Play entitled “Vive La Revolution.” I had borrowed the title from the theme of the Grenadian Revolution. The play was staged at different venues in St Lucia. It was about a La Rose (St. Lucian Flower Festival) Revolution, I envisaged in St.Lucia and by extension, the Caribbean, with the watch words “Purity of thought, Purity of word and Purity of deed.” In the play, a young man goes to “Mihoxa” which is Grenada, discovers a plot against his Comrades and returns to St.Lucia and reveals the plot (you can see the link.). So there was I now actually going to Grenada. I did not see the link until I got saved.

I really did not want to go to Grenada, so I asked some of my friends, who I thought might have been interested, to go in my place but no one wanted to go. I finally resolved to go. Looking back now I can understand why no one accepted the offer. God had planned and proposed everything for me and He would not have anyone else to get it.
I headed for Grenada on Wednesday 6th April 1983 and on Sunday 10th April, God revolutionized my life. The ways of God are past finding out. When I arrived in Grenada, I was taken to a Hotel on Tyrrell Street. I was given several books about Communism to read and was taken on a tour to see all the communist projects. Sure it seems Satan had some big plans for me. On Friday night of that week, I was standing on the porch of the Rock Gardens Hotel, overlooking the Tanteen Playing field and I heard a voice distinctly say to me “Go down this Road.” It was as if someone was standing right next to me and whispered those words in my ear. I promptly obeyed and went “down the road.” I eventually came to a Church Building which later I got to know was a Christian Brethren Gospel Hall (let me emphasize not Kingdom Hall but Gospel Hall). Interestingly I could not find the door to enter in and stood outside for a while until a little boy came out and went back in and I followed him inside. There I met a group of young people studying the book of Romans. They spoke to me briefly and at the end of the Service, Brother Oliver Findlay invited me to the Church on Sunday Morning and then to the Gospel Meeting that night. The preacher was Edward Richardson Sr. of St. Vincent and he preached a message I could never forget. He preached from Isaiah Chapter 1, verses 5, 6 and 18. That night Heaven opened upon my soul. The Word of God to me was as clear as daylight, with no cloud in the sky. I gladly received the Lord Jesus as my Saviour and joy and peace and gladness flooded my soul. The Lord had revolutionized my life forever. I would never be the same again. My new world had just begun.

I returned to St.Lucia shortly after that and gathered all my friends together to make the announcement of my sudden change. It was a very emotional moment for me. I had been their leader for all these years and now suddenly had to take my leave of them and from all the things we did together. I told them that I could no longer continue with them in the former things but that if they were willing to come with me, we would serve the Lord together. The response was unanimous. No one came.
In 1986 I obeyed the call of God to resign from my profession and to sacrifice myself completely on the Altar of service for Him. I returned to Grenada that same year, to commence my calling as a Full Time Missionary. There were some hurdles I had to overcome in making that decision but the grace of God was upon me and He broke down all barriers for me. I was subsequently commended from St. Lucia on 17th May 1991. Before I left for Grenada, The Lord told me through His Word that He had commanded a widow there to take care of me. When I arrived, I was taken by Brother Daniel Ross to Sister Fanny (now deceased), a spinster. I thought to myself that the Lord said a widow, “Why then here? This lady isn’t married.” Initially I concluded that the Lord mean a woman who has no husband; but when God says “a widow” He means a widow. Sister Fanny took exceedingly good care of me but it was not long afterwards that I received and invitation from Brother Joel Peters to Preach at a Gospel Crusade, at the Cruchu Gospel Hall in St. Andrews, Grenada and there was that widow woman. Her name was Dorothy Japal; she was Indian. She took me into her home and into her heart and treated me like her own son. Her children were just as kind to me and my bond with this dear family has remained strong until this day.

Grenada has been a much favoured island in my life and it is rather interesting yet not coincidental, that the Lord chose an island that had experienced a Revolution, as the place to revolutionise my life. The message today is clear; God wants to revolutionise the lives of others and to build for Himself a Mighty army of Bold Warriors to fight the battle and rejuvenate their society. To lift them from the dunghill and to take them to heights of unknown bliss and joy.

The Lord has called me to do the work of an Evangelist and since my return to St.Lucia He has used me in the planting of three Assemblies; one at Micoud on the east coast of the island in 1997, one at Laborie on the south west coast in 2002 and the other at Getrine in 2015.

Yours in the patience and love of the Lord Jesus Christ

Brother Lewis Paul

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