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New Lenox, Illinois
United States

Serving In: Children's Work | Evangelism | Ministry | Printing / Literature |



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I was commended to the full time work of the Lord in 1984 from the assembly meeting at the Windsor Gospel Hall in Windsor, Ontario. Later that year Ruth and I were married. We have three girls, now all married.

For sixteen years we were involved in a new work in northern Michigan, USA.  Since 2004 we have lived in New Lenox, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.  We currently are in fellowship in the assembly meeting at the Spring Creek Gospel Hall in Joliet, Illinois.

Our time is spent in:

– the Word of God and prayer

– seeking to be a help in our local assembly

– working with Sunday school children and their families

– printing and distributing gospel tracts

– preaching in gospel series

– teaching the Word of God in ministry meetings and at conferences

– help with missionary work in Ukraine

for prayer

Posted on January 29, 2019

- that the will of the Lord will be done in our lives - that the Lord will use us in the salvation of souls and the edifying of His people

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