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Corona, New York
United States

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Joseph and Ann were born and saved in Seoul, Korea. They settled in Canada as their home since 1976. He had actively involved with Gospel outreach and helped assemblies for years. They and three children (Daniel, Paul, and John-Ezra) moved to New York City in 1995 for the Gospel work among Korean speaking community and assembly planting. He was commended to full time Gospel preaching and ministry of the word in 2000 from Connors Hill Gospel Hall (Edmonton) and Acadia Drive Gospel Hall (Calgary). After years work in New York City and New Jersey area, a Korean-English assembly in Queens commenced at their home in the Fall of 2002. In the Spring of 2007, the assembly moved to present location at Flushing (a neighborhood in Queens Borough of NYC). They continue to be involved in Gospel outreach and teaching in Flushing assembly. They have run summer Gospel and ministry meetings in July and Year end Ministry Series in December, monthly Gospel outreach for ESL students, Monthly Youth meetings, and helping Sunday School, home bible studies, bible teaching sessions for the assembly truth for new believers, helping believers of different places through e-mail communication. While our Queens outreach is their primary work, Joseph also travel to other part of USA, Canada, China, and Korea for the Gospel and the ministry of the Word. Your prayer for Gods Good Hand in the Lords Work for His Glory and for the preservation with strength is much appreciated.

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