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Newbury, Ontario

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We were commended to the work of the Lord in 1969. Our exercise at the beginning was to engage in evangelism to establish new work in seeing new assemblies established. We teamed up with Bill and Janet Metcalf in Strathroy and Wallaceburg. Because the Wallaceburg work opened up, we concentrated our effort there and an assembly was formed a few years later. We also had weekly newspaper columns in the area newspapers around Bothwell, Ontario for over forty years until the local papers no longer existed or did not have writers of columns any longer. In the last couple of years we sold our house in Bothwelll and moved to an apartment beside the Newbury Hospital six miles away. Since then I have been added to Pastoral and Palliative Care at the hospital and Joyce has continued her work as a volunteer in the hospital gift shop and the Adult Day Programme. I have also continued my Bible Teaching in assemblies of Gods people as well as evangelism both in public preaching and private visitation.

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Work at the Newbury Hospital

Posted on January 25, 2019

Dear Partners in the work of the Lord, For over three years now we have lived at an apartment that is part of the Middlesex Health Alliance where there are sixteen apartments and a small county hospital with 12 active beds and many other departments.  I am on the Pastoral Care committee and also Palliative Care Chairperson for the Pastoral care.  When I am home I visit almost daily even though there is a rotation schedule.  I also speak eight to twelve times a year at an Adult Day Programme where I can freely preach the Gospel.  This a regular event on Thursdays. Joyce volunteers in the gift shop at the main lobby and uses this to chat with people herself, as well as seeing if people would like to talk with me.  Visitors often take a break from their loved one if they have an all-day visit at the hospital and Joyce will text me to let me know that someone would like a visit.  She also walks past the rooms, and especially palliative care to visit with the folk and ask if they would like me to drop in on them. Through visiting the patients, we have seen one younger woman saved who lives in the area. I was asked to take the funeral of the mother who passed away at the hospital. The staff of the various departments often chat and they have called to ask me to come over to visit because they thought a person seemed needy.  So it is wonderful to have this close relationship with the staff.  Recently one off janitorial staff too me she has questions and said she wants to visit. So if you have an exercise to pray we would value it.  We know we all have much to pray for so this is not to put a burden on any.  But if you have a space in your prayer list, we would be glad to be slipped in. With grateful thanks in the Lord, Jim and Joyce