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Tyne and Wear
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Born in Lanarkshire, Scotland as part of a Christian family, I was saved as a seven year old boy.

Completing High School I studied Pharmacology at Glasgow University before five years postgraduate studies and teaching  in the biological science field. Three years spent at the University of Glasgow and two years at the Medical school, University of Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne.

From 1984 to 1990 I worked for an independent pharmaceutical company  in Northern Ireland (Galen ltd) as a senior manager.

In 1990 after my wife (Janet) and I were commended by the to the grace of God for the work  He had called us to in the UK for ministry at home and abroad. 

Currently the main emphasis of the work is the spread if the gospel to the street/homeless population of Tyneside with special interest in those with severe drug and alcohol addiction problems. For 23 years I have been visiting the local prison and conducting extensive personal evangelism inside the establishment as well as a weekly Bible Class. Along with the other members of the assembly we are working to establish a bright testimony of the Lord in Gateshead and reach the general population with the gospel. 

Seed Sowers have been an integral and important part of all our activities for many years. As well as here in the UK I have had the honour of working  in Canada, the US and  in Eastern Europe with teams involved in Seed Sower distribution. I am a founder member of the Seed Sowers trust here in the UK.  

Over the last number of years I have had the privilege of supporting the  work of the Lord in Malawi. As well as an extensive literature distribution work the Lord has graciously allowed us access with the gospel  to all the prison in the country. For further information please visit southernafricaliteraturetrust.com. 

Janet and I have one son (David) who is married to Rachel. They have one son (our only grandchild) Jude. 

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