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We were commended to the Lords work in 1978 from the Midland Gospel Hall in Midland, Ontario, arriving in Chile in February of that year. In those early years we helped in the preaching of the gospel and eventually saw the formation of a few assemblies in the south. Then in 1990 we moved to the city of Los Angeles, where there are now 2 small assemblies. The believers are new in the faith, so we spend time teaching God’s Word, visiting in the homes, and sharing the gospel through various means. We have a large gospel tent that is used most summers with the help of a good group of young believers. Last year we had 400,000 Seed Sower texts printed and we have been giving them out in several cities, as the Lord leads. Please pray for the Lord’s blessings on His Word and for safety in all our travels.


Posted on April 2, 2019

Please pray for the many Christians from Venezuela and Cuba that are in need of what we'd consider basic items.   Many have been able to leave their country, and have arrived to neighbouring countries.  Some have traveled for weeks to get to Chile.  We had a Venezuelan brother living with us for 7 months last year, and now a Cuban brother is with us and is praying he will be able to bring his wife and 3 children to Chile.


Posted on March 16, 2019

Please pray for the many Venezuelans believers that have come to Chile.  Last year we had a young man from there living with us for 7 months.  He is living in our assembly hall now.  Another Venezuelan couple are living in a small cabin we have beside our hall.  We try to help them as much as possible, while they try to adjust to living here without their families. There are more than 150 Venezuelan believers that have migrated throughout Chile. They are in almost all of the assemblies here now, and have been a blessing to the work here.  Five are in the Los Angeles assemblies. Since the 5th of March we have had a Cuban believer living with us.  He is hoping to bring his wife and 3 small children here.  As a teacher in Cuba he made $20 a month and told us that a pair of shoes cost $25.

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