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Kirkcaldy, Fife
United Kingdom

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I went out to Romania in May 1991. Iulia and I were married in July 1992 and we have five children. Since September 2018 we have been based in Scotland, after spending most of over 27 years in Romania living in the city of Brasov. If the Lord will, I plan to make several trips to Romania each year in order to continue supporting the work there and also in the Republic of Moldova.

My main ministry is consecutive Bible teaching, which I have fulfilled over many years in the assembly in Brasov, which was planted in 1999. I have also served in several other assemblies over the years, including in the Republic of Moldova. In fellowship with the assembly in Ploiesti, I conducted a bi-weekly Bible Class for young people from 2004 to 2018, which included an annual camp each summer. I also worked regularly with a group of students in Brasov from 2015 to 2018. These students were from different evangelical backgrounds and had a desire to study the Word of God.

Since 2004, I have also been doing the translation check and proofreading of a bi-monthly magazine for believers called ‘Green Pastures’. This consists mainly of articles taken from assembly magazines in English.

As well as continuing to give help in the work in Romania, I am also engaged in ministry in Glencraig Gospel Hall (where we are now in fellowship) and in other assemblies in Scotland.


Romania and Moldova

Posted on August 1, 2019

  • Forthcoming camp for adults and young people from August 12-17. Brother Robert Beckett will be responsible for the Bible Teaching to be given.
  • The assembly in Braşov is small, but there are two younger brothers with great potential for the Lord. They need encouragement and grace to fulfil the role the Lord has for them in the assembly.
  • There is a small number of assemblies in Moldova which I have been visiting over the past several years together with brother Robert Beckett from Pamber Heath assembly, England. These assemblies are weak numerically, are made up mostly of sisters and are in great need of teaching.
  • Robert & Sally Beckett continue to spend time regularly in Braşov to help the assembly there. They also go to Moldova as often as they can, although Robert's tiredness due to his Parkinson's disease is becoming an increasing issue.
  • Guidance and confirmation from the Lord is required as to when we can make a further visit to Romania and Moldova to continue helping the work in these places.

Forthcoming events

Posted on April 13, 2019

  • The assembly in Brasov will be having a gospel outreach in the third week of May with the help of a small group of believers from assemblies in the UK. Robert & Sally Beckett from Pamber Heath assembly in England are much involved in the work in Brasov and are coordinating plans for the distribution of some 10,000 John 3:16 texts to homes in an area of the city.
  • The assembly in Brasov is small and needs encouragement and strengthening. There are two young brothers with good potential for the Lord who seek to fulfil their responsibility in the assembly.
  • I am in the process of making plans for a 2-3 week visit to Romania from the beginning of July, during which time I expect to be able to make a visit to the Republic of Moldova as well.

Visit to Romania and Moldova, July 2019

Posted on August 1, 2019

Iulia and I went to Romania from 2nd – 19th July. It was a profitable visit, as we were able to spend some time with the small assembly in Braşov which we left behind last year. I had six meetings there and gave teaching from the life of Elisha. Although the assembly is small, there are two young brothers who have sought to rise to their responsibility in the assembly. They need much grace and encouragement in their difficult task, but it is encouraging to see their exercise. Robert & Sally Beckett from Pamber Heath, England continue to visit the assembly as often as they can and are a great help when there. During our visit I made a trip to Moldova with Robert & Sally Beckett and two young brothers from the assembly in Braşov. It was good to visit the assemblies in Mireşti and Doroţcaia, which are small and in need of teaching. We also visited a couple in the village of Donici, who as far as we know are the only believers from the locality. We had good fellowship with them and were encouraged to know of their enjoyment of the Scriptures and their continuing efforts to reach those around them with the gospel. On the last day we visited the assembly in Zîrneşti for the first time, as they commenced a Bible Reading on the book of 1 Timothy. The overriding general need in Moldova is for the teaching of the Word of God and the encouragement of the small number of brothers there are in the assemblies. They need strength and wisdom to fulfil the responsibility which falls on their shoulders. When back in Romania, we also managed to get to the assembly in Ploieşti for a teaching meeting. There are several brothers who have had to rise to their responsibility there throughout the past year following a prominent brother suffering a severe stroke. It was good to see how the assembly is continuing. Prayer would be valued regarding when we will next be able to make another visit to continue helping the work both in Romania and Moldova. David & Iulia Weir