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Pirassununga, Sao Paulo

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We serve the Lord in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, having been commended by the assembly in Pirassununga in 1999. The Lord has blessed us with three lovely girls (maybe I’m biased): Lorena (24, married to Renan), Larissa (23, married to Henrique), and Leticia (17). By the mercy of God all three profess to be saved, and the two eldest, with their husbands, are in fellowship with the assembly here in Pirassununga. My parents, Ronnie and Janeta Watterson, first moved to this region in 1969. There were no assemblies here at that time, but since then the Lord has blessed the preaching of the Gospel, and He has planted nine assemblies according to the pattern presented in the New Testament. These assemblies are in a radius of 100km from Pirassununga, and we visit them regularly, enjoying happy fellowship with them. The towns are: Pirassununga, Aguaí, Leme, S. C. da Conceição, Descalvado, Ibaté, S. C. das Palmeiras, Porto Ferreira and Casa Branca.

We also see to help in the spread of the Gospel, visiting neighbouring towns with tracts and having Gospel meetings. Pray for the towns of Analândia, Araras, Poços de Caldas and Guaxupé where the seed is being sown by God’s grace.

Literature is an important aspect of the Lord’s work here. Since 1990 we have helped in the translation and publishing of the whole New Testament series of commentaries by John Ritchie Ltd. (What the Bible Teaches), and we are working our way through the Old Testament commentaries (7 of a total of 19 volumes have been published, and Genesis should be published in early 2020, DV). We have various other books translated and printed in Portuguese (books by the late Mr. McShane, “Marriage and the Family” by Dr. Sandy Higgins, the Assembly Testimony “Glory” books, etc.), and a free quarterly magazine, “O Caminho”. The web-site for the literature is http://www.lojasadoutrina.com.br

We value your prayers for guidance and help from the Lord as we seek to serve Him in this part of Brazil.


Posted on March 7, 2019

This past weekend our family was at a conference over the Carnival holidays. For three days I was ministering three times a day on the perfect Servant, our blessed Lord, portrayed in the Servant Songs of Isaiah. About 250-300 believers were present. Please pray for blessing on the seed sown.

Road accident

Posted on March 7, 2019

A young Brazilian couple who serve the Lord in Aguaí, here in our region, had an accident last week while traveling home from some ministry meetings. The Lord preserved their lives, but they need your prayers for a full recovery. Adriano broke his ankle, and his wife Aline suffered damage to her spine (nothing permanent, according to medical reports). Their eldest son Artur had no injuries; Hugo (1 and a half) had a bad cut to his head and other bruises; Susie (8 weeks) had minor bruises. All are out of hospital except Aline — she is immobilized, and doctors are not sure whether to operate or not. This past week-end was Carnival here, so things take longer than usual.

Door-to-door work in Analândia

Posted on March 7, 2019

Analândia is a small town about 30 km west from Pirassununga. We have given out literature there a few times in the past decades, but have never heard of any fruit. We have started going round the town again, and value your prayers that we may find someone who is seeking for salvation.

Looking back on 2018

Posted on January 25, 2019

In 2018 we were privileged to see the Lord working in this central region of Brazil. The nine assemblies in our region have been preserved by His grace, and we trust the testimony here may continue until our Lord comes again. In Aguaí, 50km East from us, we marvelled at the way the Lord has blest the young assembly planted in 2015 — eleven believers were added to their number (reason for much rejoicing, but also for prayer that they may mature spiritually). On the other hand, in Casa Branca, 50km Northeast, the little group of three believers continues in much need of your prayers. A young couple saved and baptised there have moved to another town (200km from here), and only visit sporadically. In Porto Ferreira, 20km due North from us, the young assembly planted in 2017 continues well. They had a little series of meetings in October to mark one year since they began Breaking Bread, and it was a joy to witness how the Lord has blessed them after all these years of sowing the seed. In the other assemblies in this region, we are grateful to the Lord for preserving His people, and look to Him for continued guidance.

We have once again been giving out tracts in the neighbouring town of Analândia. It’s about 30km due West from here, with 5 thousand inhabitants. We have been there a few times in the past, but we still wait for some fruit in that town.

We also continue with the literature work — we trust that even future generations might benefit from it, if the Lord tarry. During this year we published another volume of the Ritchie OT Commentaries (volume 14 — Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs and Lamentations), which means that six volumes, of a total of 19, are now ready. Volume 3, Leviticus, is almost ready to send to the printers. “The Glory of the Lord’s Death”, from Assembly Testimony, was printed in December, and we should be posting it soon. We are currently working on another edition of “O Caminho”, our free quarterly magazine that is sent to all parts of Brazil, with a few copies making it to Portugal and Angola.