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It was 1963 when I arrived in Chile and since 1965 I have been in Talca. At first my work was mostly with children, but as they grew it became necessary to work with the adolescent girls, and later on older ones. The Lord has given me many opportunities, including having Bible classes each week with girls who for various reasons cannot live with their families. As Talca grew, the children moved to new areas and often that meant being able to start classes in these places as well. During the summer we have an extensive work in many areas with the children – the younger sisters help as they are able and the married ladies often help in the area where they live bringing along not only their own children but the neighbours. In some areas where we started with summer classes, later there were classes throughout the years – often carried on by other believers, and in some places there are now assemblies or outreaches with Sunday Schools and gospel meetings.

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