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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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Commended from: calle sucre  assembly – Puerto Cabello, Venezuela on 11-10-2013.

Son’s name: Timothy, 9 years old.

Daughter’s name: Ximena, 4 years old.

* Actually working at the east of the metropolitan area of Monterrey NL- México.*




Please pray for the following:

Posted on August 16, 2019

1 - There is a girl called Madeleine Perea (11 years old) at Westmorland - CA. She is suffering with a brain Tumor. Her Parents are in fellowship at westmorland Assembly. 2 - Joseph Turkigton (Kenneth and Esther's son). Actually at Tijuana - Mexico receiving treatment. 3 - Chihuahua, México: They will have their annual conference at september God willing. 4 - Cancún, México: Brothers are asking prayers for Nancy and Mariela; both needs salvation and suffering of some illness. 5 - London, Ontario: Assembly there is having their vacational bible classes this week. Please pray for the sown seed. 6 - Amazona, Venezuela:  José Brisuela together with Puerto Ayacucho Assembly commenced preaching close to the hall on a place called: el Poligono. Many indigenous live at those areas. 7 - Chiapas, Mexico: they are building a new hall and are asking prayers for this purpose. 8 - Los Angeles, California: the grandson of a brother named Jorge Almeida is only 2 months old and has received two heart surgeries. HIs family need our prayers. 9 - Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico: They are asking prayers for the health recovery of sister Erika Valdes. She is in fellowship of the assembly. 10 - Monterrey, Mexico: the assembly is praying and looking for the will of the Lord concerning a gospel serie. prayers are deeply appreciated,

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