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Gatnieau, Quebec

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My main function at Kalene is the work of Hospital Administrator, though I started 17 years ago as a Nurse. I am in Charge of the Hospital as Administrator, responsible for every day operations and financial management, attending District meetings as well as National meetings. I remain in Charge of the Nursing Department as we were not able to fill in that position. I am the link between the Hospital and the Nursing School which has opened in March of 2008. I am a member of many of the Nursing School committees. I also am involved in Sunday School work. I oversee and occasionally teach a class of young ladies between the ages of 14 and 20. We have trained up many local ladies to help in this area, which has been a big relief. We have a one week camping session every year. I have counselors and cooks helping me with this. We have now included the Nursing students as part of that work. We take turns leading devotions every morning at the Nursing School. Also, on Sunday afternoons, we take turns in doing a spiritual hour with the students and teachers. I receive, prepare and distribute Sunday School prizes for all Sunday school work in the area, including Angola. [over 3,000 children], as provided in the ACCTS container. Orphan workI help clothe orphans and needy children [from the community] as provided in the ACCTS container. I dedicate one day a week to this task, whereby children in need come to the house and are fitted with clothing and shoes appropriate for them. They frequently need bed sheets and blankets and are supplied with these as well. Care for the poor. Many of our people have no other source of help but through the Missionaries. I work along with the local elders of our Church to help the local people in need. If clothing bedding etc., a field, a house is needed, repairs to a house is needed, or other personal things are required, situations are assessed and help is provided accordingly, as can be afforded. Local SchoolBooks and school supplies are supplied to the local Government school, as provided in the ACCT containers. HandicappedIn 2009, there was a group of handicapped people who have opened up a village to accommodate themselves. I have been helping them with occasional visits to encourage them. We bring the Gospel to them as well as items that are required to help them become self sufficient. The main help I am giving them is the provision of a sewing machine which was sent in 2009, and material for them to sew for profit, as they arrive in the containers, as well as teaching them business skills. Col 1:18 that in all things, He might have the preeminence.

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