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Managua, Managua

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Allison and I have laboured together in Nicaragua since our marriage in January of 2010. Kyle was commended by the Carleton Gospel hall in 2007 but together we were commended into the work after our marriage in 2010. Our main exercise in the country is the spread of the gospel to those who are without Christ as their Saviour and seeing local assemblies established. From 2010-2016 we worked in a rural area known as El Valle and we were able to see the assembly established and strengthen enough to move on. In late 2016 we moved from El Valle into the capital city of Managua to work in the gospel. We are currently working alongside Mark & Brenda Bachert aiming to souls saved and continue obedient in the word of God.

Gospel Meetings

Posted on January 29, 2019

This Sunday 3rd of February we will begin a gospel series in the hall here in Managua. Your prayers would be much appreciated for this effort.

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