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The Lord sure has surprises in store for usat times After never wanting to go to Africa, I felt His definite calling to Sakeji Mission School in 2003. After serving for two years as a short termer, I was commended full time in 2005 by the Nipissing Junction Assembly in North Bay, Ontario. Living and working at Sakeji is full-on involvement with children for three months at a time, as it is a boarding school. The goal of the school is not just a good quality education for missionary and Zambian children, but that daily, the Lord and His Word would become real and alive to the children Hes given us. The constant prayer is that all of the children here (77 this year,from grade 1 to 9) would come to know the Lord and grow in Him. I would value prayer, along with all the Sakeji staff, that as we seek to live Christ before the children, we would be granted His help, wisdom and strength day by day. Please pray with us that all of the children would come to Him while they are young.

Pray for Staffing Needs at Sakeji

Posted on July 9, 2019

Please pray for the staffing needs at Sakeji Mission School. Right now, we are looking to the Lord for teachers, dorm parents, administrative, kitchen and maintenance help.

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