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San Luís Río Colorado, Sonora

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Joan and I were commended to the work of the Lord by the Langstaff Assembly in Toronto in 2005. Our first location was Puerto Vallarta where we learned Spanish and functioned in local churches already established. Two years later we moved to Chihuahua, Chihuahua (north central part of Mexico) where a new work was just starting. During our two years there we saw the planting of a local church, and the construction of a building for the use of the church and as a home for a fellow missionary couple that continue there today. Our next two years were spent living on the outskirts of Pachucha, Hidalgo and moving back and forth between the local church there and helping in the re-building of a local church in Nezahualcoyotl, a city that borders Mexico City. After two years in that region, we moved up to the city of San Luís Río Colorado, Sonora, on the border with Arizona, US where we continue to this day. God has moved in the lives of many in this area, bringing many to faith in the Lord Jesus and forming an ever-changing group of believers who function as a local church. There has been much learning, and we thank God for His guidance, care, and teaching. At this point the church there is evolving and growing, appreciating contact with other believers in areas nearby, and looking to God to accomplish in her what we as believers are unable to accomplish in ourselves.

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